Featured products

Varius Message Router

Varius Message Router is an SMS gateway appliance with environmental sensors (temperature, humidity and power failure sensors) and network monitoring capabilities. It is an essential equipment used to monitor the server room.

Virtual USB Server Appliance

Virtual USB Server allows you to share and access your USB devices wirelessly as if they were locally connected.

Data Capturing devices

DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500

Crossmatch fingerprint scanners

Crossmatch offers a complete range of USB optical and capacitive fingerprint readers including the popular DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 and EikonTouch 510 and 710.

Varius Barcode Readers

We carry wired and wireless laser 1D and 2D barcode scanners for your scanning needs

Wacom Graphic Tablets

Wacom graphics tablets, Wacom Intuos, Cintiq, DTH, DTU, Intuos Pro, Bamboo,

Signature Pads


Wacom Signature Pads

Wacom offers a wide range of signature pads and pen displays. Wacom Signature Pads are best known for its compact design, durable and robust quality.

Signotec Signature Pads

Signotec GmbH is an expert in the field of capturing handwritten electronic signatures. The made in Germany signature pads are of world class quality.

SCSpro Signature Pads

SCSpro provides smart cards solution and the payment system using the smart cards.

Server room and environmental monitoring

AVTECH Room Alert

AVTECH Room Alert Temperature & Environment Monitors are the Most Advanced, Easy-To-Use, Reliable & Affordable Environment Monitors Available.

Varius Monitoring

Varius Monitoring includes temperature, power and networking monitoring. It works with Varius Message Router for alerts and logging.

Collaboration and communications

Logitech C930e Webcam

Logitech Business Webcams

Logitech business webcams enhance desktop collaboration with high quality HD video. The full range of C925e Webcam, C930e Webcam, BRIO and B525 HD Webcam offers exceptional quality at affordable prices.

Varius Mini Wireless Router

Varius Mini Wireless Router is exquisite, portable and small wireless router which designed for those who use mobile devices like smart phone, PADs, notebook to surf the internet.

Enterprise security software

GFI Software

GFI Software builds affordable and easy-to-use IT solutions that enable businesses to discover, manage and secure their networks. Varius Technology Pte Ltd is the sole distributor for GFI Software in Singapore.

ThreatTrack Security

ThreatTrack Security develops advanced cybersecurity solutions including ThreatAnalyzer, ThreatIQ and VIPRE business antivirus.


Jetico provides military-standard data protection software for all highly sensitive information and mission-critical data throughout the lifecycle.