Varius Message Router – SMS Integration

Varius Message Router offers easy integration with external systems to send SMS messages.  External systems interact with Varius Message Router using the following methods.

1. Using SMTP
The external system configures the IP address of the Varius Message Router as its SMTP server for sending out emails. The external system sends out emails to recipients in the format of The content of the email message will be the SMS message. You can also configure Varius Message Router to include the subject of the email message in the SMS message as well.
2. Using HTTP
The external system is configured to access a custom URL in Varius Message Router to send out SMS messages.  The format of the custom URL is 

Building Management System

Data Center Infrastructure Management System (DCIM)

Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)

Network Access System

Network Monitoring System

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)