Crossmatch USB fingerprint readers

As a leader in fingerprint image capture, Crossmatch offers a selection of single fingerprint readers for a wide range of applications and use cases. Whether your use case specifications require certifications (such as FBI, STQC and others), highly durable capture surfaces or special cable connection lengths, we have a reader designed to meet your needs.

A quick and easy way to add biometric technology to PC-based and tablet applications. All of our USB fingerprint readers utilize the same programming API and be used interchangeably in your application. Just plug and go.

fingerprint readers

Optical fingerprint readers

Crossmatch optical fingerprint readers offer large capture areas, excellent image quality and rapid capture speed all in a compact, durable case. Our optical readers with a silicone membrane provide superior image capture performance for a wide range of skin conditions. This translates to easy, efficient and high-quality image capture – which impact technology acceptance and performance – making our U.are.U readers the preferred biometric solution for a range of commercial applications.

DigitalPersonal U.are.U 4500

DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500

Easy to use optical reader well suited for dry, moist or rough fingerprints.

DigitalPersonal U.are.U 5300

DigitalPersona U.are.U 5300

Optical reader that meets both FBI PIV and Mobile ID FAP 30 standards.

Verifier 300

Verifier® 300 LC 2.0

The Crossmatch® Verifier 300 LC 2.0 is a single fingerprint capture device that delivers accurate and reliable results for identification, verification, and registration programs.

DigitalPersona U.are.U 5100

DigitalPersona U.are.U5100

The low-cost, touch-style U.are.U 5100 Fingerprint Reader is a FIPS 201 PIV-certified, optical fingerprint sensor designed to serve as a USB peripheral.

Silicon fingerprint readers

Silicon single fingerprint readers offer a lower profile, smaller footprint and lighter weight form factor than traditional optical readers. Our EikonTouch silicon reader line provides high-quality fingerprint images for a wide range of skin conditions. For extremely high volume or harsh environmental use cases, we offer a SteelCoat capture surface coating for added durability.


Eikon 510 and 710

The 710 is a FBI PIV certified single finger reader. Ideal for multi-user applications. The 510 is a silicon reader with durable SteelCoat protective coating for enhanced performance in harsh environments.

Tenprint Livescan

Industry-leading tenprint livescan capture for ultimate performance, reliability and flexibility. Offered in a range of models to meet specific application requirements. 

Only Crossmatch ten fingerprint scanners offer both moisture discriminating optics and silicone pads.
These features allow for easier capture of subjects that have either wetter or dryer skin than normal, whether from natural or environmental causes, ultimately allowing for higher throughput and better back-end matching.

Nomad USB Reader

Extremely compact, low profile tenprint scanner designed with portability in mind. Ideal for applications requiring fully certified collection of four fingers simultaneously, such as ID flats and rolls.