Gamma Pad

Signotec Colour LCD Signature Pad Gamma


The Signotec LCD Signature Pad “Gamma” is already the fourth Signature Pad for capturing handwritten electronic signatures, which was completely independently developed and which combines 15 years of development, experience and competence. With external dimensions of 160 x 172 x 10 mm it is very compact and sets new standards in design and functionality. This device provides the ideal platform for a robust customer-facing eSignature architecture.

The ultra-flat Signature Pad is convincing with its innovative sensor surface made of special toughened glass with ER-Technology, as well as its high-resolution full-colour display, which makes the excellent display of graphic and text information possible. The provided special pen and the sensor enable a writing experience similar to signing on paper. They guarantee an outstanding quality of the signature capturing on the pad – with the particularity, that from now on even movements of the pen in mid-air can be captured. This special batteryless pen with exchangeable tips is capturing 1024 pressure stages. Gamma’s construction ensures an extremely long service life of 30 million signatures, and unbeatable durability with the highest safety.

Gamma Display FrontJust like the Sigma, Omega and Alpha, the Gamma also comes with outstanding security-features like the internal encryption of the biometric data via Public-Key inside the pad. The encrypted data transfer from pad to PC (via RSA) and the procedures for the certificate-based signature of the electronic document in the pad are unique. Consequently, it is just impossible to spy on the biometric data. Due to the independent development of electronics, firmware, driver and applications, an ideal coordination between soft- and hardware is given.


With Gamma, the ground-breaking quality characteristics of the signotec products are demonstrated. Furthermore, with the impressive integration capacity and more important the security of investments, signotec is going new ways. For the first time, all kinds of USB-connection methods of the signotec pads are available in one device. HID-USB, WIN-USB and virtual COM-Port. You can choose between all connection methods. For example, today the device can be easily connected to a PC via fast WIN-USB and tomorrow to a Linux-Thin-Client via VCOM or the other way round. The virtual COM-Port guarantees customers the highest possible investment protection, because they can switch the pad easily to USB at a later time, which is now possible due to the internal USB-switch.

The outside of the Gamma can be customised to meet the customer’s wishes, in any colour, and even be imprinted with the customers logo. (with costs)

Gamma Technical Specification :

Display5″ (12,5 cm) TFT-Display with 16,8 Mio. colours
Active Signing Area108 x 65 mm
Dimensions10 x 172 x 160 mm/td>
Text-DisplayAll fonts and sizes
Graphic-DisplayAll graphics up to 800 x 480 Pixel
MemoryInternal memory for 10 images, which can be used for static content (quick rotation between diffrent pages) and slideshows
NavigationUnlimited number of screens, Hot-Spots (buttons) and Scroll-function
SecurityAES-Encryption, RSA-signing. Signatures biometrics RSA-Encryption inside the pad
ConnectionHID-USB 2.0. Fullspeed (12 MBit/s) and WinUSB Highspeed (460 Mbit/s), optional virtual COM-Port
Terminal serverYes. Version with int. virt. USB to serial converter (FTDI)
External Samplingrate280 Hertz
Resolution2400 x 2909 ppi, not interpolated
SensorHardened sensor glas surface with ER-Technology
PenBattery-free pen with exchangeable tip
Warranty2 Years

Gamma RSA-security features :The Signotec pads have the highest security mechanisms available. This allows a complete chain of evidence in dispute. Depending on the integration, different techniques are used:

  • PDF documents can be signed inside the pad and not in the insecure environment of the PC.
  • The biometric data of the signature can be RSA-encrypted inside the pad using a public key.
  • RSA-signature of the displayed content and signature.
  • Upon delivery, each pad has a separate and unique RSA certificate for signing.
  • Storing of custom RSA-certificates inside the pad.
  • The pad can generate a RSA certificate.
  • Supported schemes are RSA PKCS # 1 v1.5 (with or without the hash OID), PKCS # 1 v2.1
  • Certificates can be certified by a Root Authority
  • Supported hash algorithms are SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512.