Infrastructure Monitoring Platform

On-Demand or On-Premise platform to monitor, report, alert & control your sensors

Web based platform to centrally & securely monitor, report, alert & control on your sensors

Main features of the Monitoring platform:

  • On-Demand (SaaS) or On-Premise
  • free iOS & Android app
  • map view
  • sensors view
  • trending & historic data
  • share sensor data
  • alerts history & configuration

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Monitor from your smartphone

with the free iOS or Android apps for the Cloud based version of the Monitoring Platform







Map view

monitor all your sensors on a map with a visual color
display for each sensor status (green, red, orange)






Enterprise views

list of all sensors based on grouping by sensor type of logical descriptions







Sensor trending & historic values

view latest values of all sensors, chart sensor
values and export them as a CSV







Share sensor status

just link sharing a dropbox file, you can share the status
of your sensors with other people to allow them to getting
the latest sensor values in read only mode.






Email, SMS & Voice Call alerts

The Monitoring Platform allows you to centrally
manage alert levels.

Using our If-Then Engine you can create complex alerts based on the values of multiple sensors and other data





Cloud based / On-Demand

the cloud version of our Infrastructrue Monitoring Platform enables you to centrally manage, monitor, report, alert & control your sensors. We manage your data in our highly scalable, multi-level secured and redundant architecture.

Designed for customers of any size: from a few sensors to tens of thousands of devices.






Large account customers can opt for the On-Premise version of the Infrastructure Monitoring Platform; this ensures that the complete solution runs within their own internal network.

The On-Premise version has the same core features as the Cloud based one.

It is designed around the highly reliable & performant LAMP stack (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP)