Digital Active Power Sensor w/Temperature (25′)

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Part no: RMA-DAP25-SEN

Description: Digital Active Power w/ Temperature Sensor (25′ Cable)

Monitor temperature and active power status with AVTECH’s Digital Active Power w/Temperature Sensor. This patent-pending, award winning sensor provides the real-time power status of any electric device by simply strapping it to any AC electrical cord. There is no need to unplug the device, modify the cord, or require an electrician to connect within a main panel, making it easier than ever to monitor any electric device. If the connected device draws more than 100W, the Active Power Sensor will detect this and show the current power status as ‘Active’. Additionally, this sensor provides real-time temperature values from -40° to 185° Fahrenheit and/or -40° to 85° Celsius. Accuracy is within + / – 2 C degrees.

AVTECH offers this sensor with cable lengths of 10″, 25′, 50′ and 100′.

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