Light Tower w/Audio

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Part no: ST-RYG-LT

Description: Light Tower w/Audio w/ 15′ Cable (RYG, Audio, Bracket)

AVTECH’s Light Tower w/Audio is designed to connect to a Room Alert 32W, 32E, 12E, 4E or 3E and will enhance the alerting capabilities of any Room Alert, Axis camera or other application on the network. Light tower w/ audio provides visual and audible alerting when an issue or event occurs. Light Tower lights and audio alarms can be automatically turned on/off when sensors (go in or out of an alert condition) or Axis camera sensors are triggered. Alarm warning lights and audio can also be turned on/off manually through the Room Alert 32W, 32E, 12E, 4E or 3E’s web interface, AVTECH’s Device ManageR software, or via SNMP.

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