Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi Monitor

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Part no: RA3W-ES0-BAS

Description: Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi, 0U, Wall)

Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi is AVTECH’s most economical wireless solution for “IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring, Alerting & More”.

It is designed specifically to assist with monitoring room temperature and other environmental conditions where a small footprint is needed, where access to a standard wired Ethernet connection may not exist, where running cables is not desireable, when the investment cost needs to be minimal or deployment volume may be high.

Add a digital sensor and switch sensor of your choice to expand monitoring with an easy “click connect”. Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi environment monitoring device will work anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available, simply use the included power adapter, connect to the Wi-Fi network and you are good to go. Install this in minutes.

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