Room Alert 32E Monitor

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Part no: RA32E-TH1-RAS

Description: Room Alert 32E (SNMP, PoE, 1U Rack, Wall)

Room Alert 32E is AVTECH’s advanced hardware solution for “IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring, Alerting, Automatic Corrective Action & More”.

It is designed specifically to assist with monitoring computer room temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point, main & active power and much more in multiple locations simultaneously. Ideal for monitoring server rooms and data centers, Room Alert 32E offers users the ability to monitor over 32 sensors.

Room Alert 32E allows alert notifications via email, email-to-SMS, SNMP and more to devices like computers, mobile phones and mobile devices. This environment and temperature monitoring system offers an easy to use web browser interface for settings changes and viewing real-time temperature, humidity, power and other environment sensor status from anywhere.

Room Alert 32E comes standard in a 1U 19″ configuration, however rotating mounting wings can be used to mount on a wall or other desired location.

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