Signotec was founded in the year 2000 and is market and technology leader in the sector of electronic signatures via pen-pad or tablet-PC. With signotec´s products the user is able to sign as usual, also digitally, optimize business processes, avoid media breaks, authenticate persons and create legally compliant documents. Electronic documents being signed in this way can be checked always, everywhere and by everybody without any technical complexity. With signotec signature solutions, signing remains as simple and safe as it has always been. Signing, though, takes place directly within the electronic document. So cost-intensive media breaks due to the use of paper can be prevented, and electronic documents are protected by the digital signature and can be verified.

Made in Germany

It is evident, that quality is always achieved by first class working conditions and sensible wage regulation. It is also the result of sound education and training, fair payment and highly motivated employees. Our products, which satisfy high security and environmental standards, never fail to surpass the products of our competitors. These factors are always welcomed by our customers all over the world. Because of that, job positions of our employees are secure.

Signotec’s solutions

The signotec GmbH is an expert in the field of capturing handwritten electronic signatures and offers pen-pads for special solutions and pocket-PC solutions. All pads are characterised by essential unique selling features, for example extra wide, high class sensors, a second to none diversity of interfaces, terminal server capability and a lot more.
An independent writing expert confirmed the quality of the digitalized signature and the associated admissibility before the courts in an expertise. With an extensive know how in the field of biometric signature processing of digital signatures, signotec has developed an extensive range of software solutions: From signoSign/2, the market leading solution for the handwritten, personal signature for signing electronic documents, over the biometric comparison of signatures (biometric API), to the many different modules and components which are necessary for the integration of the solution. Special emphasis should be placed on our signoPAD-API, which we ship for free, with our SignPads Sigma and Omega. From the electronic signature over the visual and digital signature verification and the signature comparison to document management – signotec offers the complete solution. Therefor the software is innovative, dynamic and intuitive and is available for the end-users as well as for the professional developers.