Temperature Sensor


The temperature sensor measures real-time ambient temperature.. 
Receive immediate alerts when measurements exceed the configured threshold
VMR Temperature Sensor
Temperature sensor
The temperature sensor measures real-time ambient temperature.
  • Provides real-time measurements for immediate alerts.
  • Wide temperature range of -55 ºC to +125 ºC (-67 ºF to +257 ºF).
  • Temperature accuracy of 2 °C.
  • Detachable USB cable length of up to 5m.
The temperature sensor allows granular configuration of the temperature monitored.
  • Define the measurement unit and calibration for greater accuracy.
  • Specify lower and upper threshold limits with duration for trip conditions to rule out spike conditions.
  • Configure rules for sending trip alerts, repeated trip alerts and recovery alerts.
  • Create alert profiles based on different recipients and alert channels for wider reach.
  • Receive scheduled measurement alerts for optimum visibility.
Sensor configuration

A sample configuration interface for temperature thresholds and alerts.

Alert profile

An alert profile defines the recipients and channel of alert.

The temperature sensor allows users to view real-time logs.
  • Real-time logs provide live information of each environmental condition monitored and their status.
  • Supports filtering rules based on log date, environmental condition measurements and status.
  • Logs can be exported to Excel or other external systems for further processing. 
  • Customize log retention period according to your compliance policy.
Real-time logs

Environment condition monitoredTemperature
Temperature sensor range-55 ºF to 125 ℃ (-67 ºF to 257 ºF)
Temperature sensor accuracy±2 °C (Maximum @ -25 ℃ to 100 ℃)
±3 °C (Maximum @ -55 ℃ to 120 ℃)
Temperature sensor resolution0.06 ℃
Power sourceMonitoring unit
Sensor cable typeUSB
Sensor cable length3 meters
Maximum sensor cable length5 meters
Warranty1 year