Using SafeEntry with NRIC with Varius barcode scanners

What is SafeEntry?

To support businesses in this COVID-19 situation, the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) has made available SafeEntry, a free-for-use Cloud-based visitor registration system. SafeEntry is a national digital check-in system which logs visits by individuals to hotspots and venues providing essential services, as well as employees of essential services.

There are two flavours of SafeEntry:

  • SafeEntry with NRIC
  • SafeEntry with QR

Varius barcode scanners can be used with SafeEntry with NRIC.

For more information, please refer to SafeEntry.

Using SafeEntry with NRIC

  1. NRIC uses 1D barcode. You can scan a NRIC number using a 1D or 2D barcode scanner.
    Please refer to our full range of barcode scanners
  2. Connect a Varius barcode scanner to a computer or mobile device.
    If you use a computer, you can use a corded or cordless barcode scanner.
    If you use a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android), you can use a bluetooth barcode scanner.
  3. Access SafeEntry with NRIC scan visitors page and login.
  4. After login, select Scan Entrance if you wish to track visitors that are entering your premise.
  5. Select Manual Input and place your cursor on the field indicated by the red arrow.
  6. Use the barcode scanner to scan and the NRIC number will appear at the place of the cursor.
  7. You can use the same process for Scan Exit to track visitors that are exiting your premise.