Varius Message Router – Hardware gateway appliance for comprehensive alerts

Varius Message Router is a hardware gateway appliance designed to send out alerts through multiple channels – SMS messaging, SMTP email, HTTP, Syslog, SNMP trap, POP3 and more.

Receive immediate alerts for quick response to protect your critical assets.

Key Features

Independent hardware appliance

Multiple channels of alerts

Efficient SMS gateway

Ease of integration

Comprehensive processing rules

Network infrastructure monitoring

Environmental sensors

Varius Message Router works right out of the box – no computer, software or internet required
  • Independent hardware appliance with no dependencies for fast and easy deployment.
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi enabled for integration into your corporate network.
  • Secured web interface for convenient access from any web browser (computer or mobile device).
  • Set up within minutes.
  • Configurations can be imported and exported for better continuity.
Multiple channels of alerts
Having multiple channels of alerting ensures a faster response when issues are detected.
  • Sends alerts by email, SMS, HTTP, Syslog, SNMP trap, POP3 and more for wider coverage.
  • Unlimited number of recipient and messages for greater flexibility
  • Able to send SMS alerts even in the most isolated and secured location.
  • User friendly alert triggering rules for fast setup.
  • Utilize alerts to integrate to external systems for better workflow.
Efficient SMS gateway 
Our cellular edition is equipped with a highly responsive 3G cellular module.
  • Trigger SMS alerts using different protocols – SMTP, email, HTTP GET and POST, Syslog, SNMP Trap, SCP, Dry Contacts and more.
  • Functions as an Email to SMS gateway, HTTP to SMS gateway, Syslog to SMS Gateway, SNMP Trap to SMS Gateway.
  • 8 Dry Contact Inputs allow non-networked hardware devices to send out SMS alerts.
  • High SMS throughput of more than 30 SMS messages per minute.
  • Comprehensive contacts and distribution list management for improved productivity.
Ease of integration
We accept triggers from multiple protocols to support a wide spectrum of applications.
  • Accepts triggers by SMTP email, SMS, HTTP, Syslog, SNMP Trap, File, SCP (Secure Copy Protocol), Dry Contacts and more for maximum support.
  • Efficient built-in SMTP server to receive triggers from applications that sends out email alerts.
  • Versatile HTTP server to receive triggers from systems using HTTP GET and POST.
  • Accepts files sent using SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) to trigger alerts. Supports SSH Key Authentication for enhanced security.
  • 8x Dry Contacts Inputs allows non-networked hardware devices to send out SMTP email, SMS, HTTP, Syslog, SNMP Trap messages.
Comprehensive processing rules
  • Easily enable and disable inbound and outbound messages by protocol type for greater control.
  • Convert inbound messages to different alert types to fit into your existing workflow.
  • Comprehensive inbound message filtering rules based on criteria such as message content, source, sending date and time for greater flexibility.
  • Message content substitution and transformation based on string manipulation and regular expressions for ultimate customization.
  • Supports notifications, escalations, reminders, scheduled messages for different usage scenarios.
Enhanced security
Our solution comes bundled with enhanced security features for better network protection.
  • Built-in web server with secured HTTPS/SSL access for enhanced security.
  • Fully featured firewall with configurable rules to restrict access according to network protocol, port and IP address for greater flexibility.  
  • Sends SMTP emails with SSL option for secured email transmission.
  • Supports SNMP v3 which is the highest level of security for sending SNMP traps. 
Network infrastructure monitoring
Our solution comes pre-installed with a comprehensive network infrastructure monitoring tool.
  • Monitor any possible performance metrics and incidents in your network:
    Network performance, network health and configuration changes.
  • Monitor any possible server performance metrics and incidents:
    Server performance, server availability and configuration changes.
  • Cloud monitoring.
  • Application monitoring.
  • Services monitoring.
Environmental sensors (optional)
Monitor the temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters of your critical facilities and receive immediate alerts for quick response. 
  • Sensors monitoring temperature, humidity, power failure, room entry, airflow, flood and more for complete monitoring of your facilities.
  • Data retention capability of more than a year for more in depth analysis .
  • Scheduled alerts on temperature and humidity readings for better visibility.
  • Daily summary of maximum, minimum and average temperature, humidity and dew point gives clearer insights.

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Our Editions 

Varius Message Router (cellular)

Use our popular hardware SMS gateway appliance to send out quick SMS alerts for faster response

Varius Message Router (cellular) with 8 dry contact inputs

Send out SMS, email and network alerts from your external systems that are not connected to the network

Varius Message Router (non-cellular)

Email alerts on a budget? Use our hardware gateway appliance to send out quick email and network alerts

Varius Message Router (non-cellular) with 8 dry contact inputs

Your non-networked external systems can now finally send out email and network alerts for faster response

Use Cases

Receive alerts without internet connectivity

Varius Message Router alerts system administrators of issues that occurred in secured locations without internet connectivity.

Automated SMS sending

Trigger SMS alerts from your network monitoring system and business applications. Varius Message Router supports multiple protocols including SMTP, HTTP, Syslog, SNMP Traps and POP3.

Monitor server room temperature and humidity

Prevent damage to your expensive equipment and servers caused by air-conditioning power failure. Receive alerts for high temperature or humidity.

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