Enjoy peace of mind when taking care of your critical facilities.

Our environmental monitoring system works 24×7 to monitor the environmental conditions – temperature, humidity, dew point and more.

Receive immediate alerts for quick response to protect your critical assets.


Centralized monitoring solution

Wide range of sensors

Multiple channels of alerts

Logging and recording

Enhanced security features

Centralized monitoring solution
  • Administration and reporting from one central console for easy management.
  • Secured web interface for convenient access from any web browser (computer or mobile device).
  • Independent appliance with no computer or internet connection required for easy deployment.
  • Setup within minutes.
  • Configurations can be exported and imported for better continuity.
Wide range of sensors
We provide a wide range of sensors so that you can keep track of different environmental parameters easily.
  • Sensors monitoring temperature, humidity, power failure, room entry, airflow, flood and more for complete monitoring of your facilities. 
  • Temperature sensors with accuracy of 0.5 ℃ for precise measurement.
  • Wireless sensors with long battery life to reduce wire mess and installation time.
  • Able to work with external sensors that provide a dry contact output for additional flexibility
Multiple channels of alerts
Having multiple channels of alerting ensures a faster response when issues are detected.
  • Sends alerts by email, SMS, HTTP, Syslog, SNMP traps and more for wider coverage.
  • Unlimited number of recipient and messages for greater flexibility
  • Able to send SMS alerts even in the most isolated and secured location.
  • User friendly alert triggering rules for fast setup.
  • Utilize alerts to integrate to external systems for better workflow.
Logging and recording
Historical data is valuable for planning and review.
  • Data retention capability of more than a year for more in depth analysis .
  • Records data points every 10 seconds for uninterrupted data collection.
  • Scheduled alerts on temperature and humidity readings for better visibility.
  • Daily summary of maximum, minimum and average temperature, humidity and dew point gives clearer insights.
  • Filter and export functionality supports compliance report submission.
Enhanced security
Our solution comes bundled with enhanced security features for better network protection.
  • Built-in web server with secured HTTPS/SSL access for enhanced security.
  • Fully featured firewall with configurable rules to restrict access according to network protocol, port and IP address for greater flexibility.  
  • Sends SMTP emails with SSL option for secured email transmission.
  • Supports SNMP v3 which is the highest level of security for sending SNMP traps. 


Varius Message Router

Varius Message Router with 8 dry contact inputs

Key Features


Airflow Sensor

Room Entry Sensor

Flood Sensor

Tank Level Sensor