VMR – Inbound Filters

Filter Inbound Messages

Inbound filters are a type of software based message filter allowing only designated message to flow towards Transmission Actions based on preset criteria. They specify rules and policies which govern a specific port, service, server or network.

Filter Rules

Filter rules are a set of criteria used for capturing qualified messages. They are inserted according to priority. The Filter Rules pane displays configured filter rules and provides options for adding new filter rules or modifying existing rules. The pane also provides ranking mechanism to set the rule with priority.

Filter Rule Heading



Click the button to shift up and down the priority.


Message will be processed first with rule of the highest  priority. If it is not captured by the rule criteria, the message will be moved to the next highest priority rule.

Filter Name

Meaningful Name for the Filter.

Filter Description

A description of how the filter works.

Assigned User

A user in the system will be assigned as owner to message that comes into VMR.

Filter Criteria

A rule criteria to capture message based on its attributes.

Filter Criteria

Graphical filtering based on message attributes. It includes AND or OR conditions. Condition can be added for additional filtering.

Assign Transmission Actions

Once the message is captured by the filter, it can be assigned to one or multiple Transmission Actions. You can access the details of the Transmission Actions by clicking on the Transmission Actions Name.