Manage Contacts


Contacts are recipients of SMS and email messages sent out by VMR.

Select Client Tools > Manage Contacts to access the Manage Contacts page. 

The list of contacts is shown with the options to set a number of filters.


Select Add or Edit a contact and fill in the details.

  • First Name, Mobile or Email are compulsory fields.

Contact details

Click on the Assign Group icon Assign contact groups to assign contact groups to a contact.

Assign group

Contact Groups

Click Manage Groups to access the Manage Contacts Group page.

Contact group details

The Email Alias field forms the email address of the contact group in VMR.

In our example, let us assume that we have the following settings:

  • A contact group with email alias as “alertgroup”
  • VMR’s accepted smtp domain:”
  • VMR’s email to SMS feature is active

Any emails sent to VMR with recipient as will be converted to SMS to all members of this contact group.