Setting Schedule

You can set a schedule to send the messages.

Typical scheduled messages include Heartbeat SMS where VMR sends out a SMS message daily to report proper operations.

How to set Heartbeat SMS
Set the following fields:

  • Start date time: Select tomorrow’s date and specific time you want the SMS to be sent.
  • Frequency: Daily
  • End Conditions:
       Stops if number of message sent equals: 0
       Stops if exceeds date time: Select a date such as one that is three years in the future.
  • Click “OK” button.

Detailed fields
The following section explains the different fields available in this section.

Start Date Time
  • The time that the schedule will start functioning.
  • This is the interval between the messages. The first message will be sent from the start date time + frequency.
  • If the first frequency dropdownlist selection is chosen, the frequency textbox value will be ignored.
  • The frequency textbox offers a more granular input.
End Conditions
  • “Stops if number of message sent equals”: The schedule will stop after this number of scheduled messages sent.
  • “Stops if exceeds date time”: The schedule will stop if this time is reached.
  • The schedule will end when any of the above conditions is met.


  • You can set blackout periods where the scheduled messages will not be sent.

Click “OK” button to save the schedule.