VMR – Scheduled Messages

Scheduling Messages

Scheduling text messages on the VMR is a handy way to set reminders for yourself or other recipients. You can also use it to send out messages hourly, daily, weekly or at other time intervals. Please take a look at Schedule.

Scheduled Messages Headings


Scheduled Date Time

Original Date Time when the message is scheduled.

Recipient (Mobile/Email)

The receiver of the message. This only applies to email or SMS.

Body Message

The main message text.


Originator user who activate the sending.

Scheduled Rules

Schedule settings to determine when and how many to send.

Number Activated

Record the number of time the system check the message whether it is ready to send.

Output Type

Determine whether a message is SMS, Email, Syslog, SNMP or HTTP

Message Type

Determine whether the message type is Schedule, Failure or Reminder.

Next Activation 

Set the next coming time for the system to check the message for activation.