Send SMS

Send SMS using the web interface

Use the web interface to send SMS messages with the following steps. 

  1. Login to the web interface under “Router Configuration” tab.
  2. Select Client Tools > Send SMS.
  3. Sender: The sender is the current user.
  4. Select contact groups or recipients:
    a. Select the contact groups under “Groups”. 
    Contact groups and its members is managed in the Manage Contacts section.
    b. Enter recipient mobile numbers separated by semicolon in the “Recipients” field.
    c. Add recipients by clicking  the “Add contacts” link. 

Message Template

  • You can store commonly used message to send.
  • Click Save New for new message or Update for message template amendment.

Additional options

  • You can set a schedule to send the message by clicking on the “No Schedule Set” link.
    Typical scheduled messages include Heartbeat SMS where VMR sends out a SMS daily to report proper operations.

    How to set Heartbeat SMS
    Set the following fields:
    Start date time: Select tomorrow’s date and specific time you want the SMS to be sent.
    Frequency: Daily
    End Conditions:
       Stops if number of message sent equals: 0
       Stops if exceeds date time: Select a date such as one that is three years in the future.

    Please refer to Setting Schedule section for more information.
Process this message with HTTP inbound filters. This option applies only when no schedule is set.
  • If this option is checked, the message will pass through the message processing engine under “HTTP” inbound filters. The message will be subjected to the transmission actions selected in the inbound filters.

Click the “Send” button to send the message. Once completed, you can access the Scheduled Messages section to view the scheduled messages.