VMR – Sensors


VMR supports temperature, temperature and humidity and AC power failure sensors.

The temperature sensor detects ambient temperature. It can be configured to send out alerts when the temperature goes beyond a predefined temperature range.

The temperature and humidity sensor detects ambient temperature and humidity. It can be configured to send out alerts when the temperature, humidity and dew point goes beyond a predefined range.

The AC power failure sensor detects power failure and sends out alerts in times of power failure.

The alerts comes in the form of email, SMS and SNMP traps.

Sensors Login

Login to the Sensors tab using the default username / password as admin / password to configure and view the logs of the sensors.

Control Panel

The control panel shows the following:

  1. Current status of the sensors service of VMR.
  2. Current readings of the active sensors.

Click on the wrench to configure the sensors. 

Click on the “View Logs” links to view the sensor logs.