XB-2055A Industrial 1D Laser Barcode Scanner With Stand User Guide


XB-2055A is an industrial 1D barcode scanner capable of reading various 1D barcodes. It is equipped with auto-sense capability and comes with a stand. 

User Manual: Please download the the XB-2055A User Manual for the configuration barcodes. A copy of the User Manual is in the barcode scanner box.

Connection mode

The barcode scanner has only one connection mode which is the wired mode where the barcode scanner is connected to computer by USB cable.

How to use the barcode scanner

  1. Take out the device cable from the barcode scanner box.
  2. Insert one end of the device cable into the “Interface” opening at the base of the barcode scanner. 
  3. To remove the cable, insert a paper clip through the “Paper Clip Socket” and pull out the cable.
  4. Connect the other end of the device cable to the USB port of the computer.
  5. The computer should detect the barcode scanner.
  6. Open Notepad and click on a new document.
  7. The barcode scanner acts like a keyboard. Scanned barcodes will appear where the cursor is placed.
  8. Press the trigger of the barcode scanner to manually scan a barcode and the barcode scanned will appear in the document.
  9. Auto mode: Place a barcode (eg. NRIC) near the barcode scanner and the barcode scanner will auto scan the barcode and the scanned barcode will appear in Notepad.
  10. Manual mode: You can press the trigger of the barcode scanner to manually scan the barcode. 

Scan modes

The barcode scanner has the following scan modes.

  1. Manual: Press the trigger of the barcode scanner 
  2. Continuous mode: The barcode scanner scans continuously.
  3. Auto-sense mode (default): The barcode scanner detects the presence of a barcode and scans automatically. 
The default scan mode out of the box is the auto-sense mode.
To disable the auto-sense scan mode, please scan the Disable barcode. To enable it, please scan the Enable barcode.