Zebra DS9308 Presentation Barcode Scanner

Zebra DS9308 barcode scanner
Dimensions5.7 in. H x 3.4 in. W x 3.3 in. D
14.5 cm. H x 8.6 cm. W x 8.3 cm. D
Weight11.2 oz. / 318.0 g
Input Voltage Range4.5 to 5.5 VDC host powered; 4.5 to 5.5 VDC external power supply
Operating Current at Nominal Voltage (5.0V)Presentation mode: 335mA
Trigger mode: 350mA
Standby Current (Idle) at Nominal Voltage (5.0V)Presentation mode: 135mA
Trigger mode: 75mA
ColorAlpine White, Midnight Black
Supported Host InterfacesUSB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge, TGCS (IBM) 46XX over RS485
Keyboard SupportSupports over 90 international keyboards
Electronic Article SurveillanceCompatible with Checkpoint EAS deactivation system
User IndicatorsGood decode LEDs, rear view LEDs, beeper (Adjustable tone and volume)

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Additional configuration

  • Add an Enter Key (Carriage Return /Line Feed)

    To add an Enter key after scanned data, scan the barcode below.