Aruba Clearpass Send SMS Integration

This article outlines the integration of Aruba Clearpass with Varius Message Router to send SMS alerts. 
Please refer to Send SMS from external systems page to see other integration examples.


The concept involves configuring Aruba Clearpass to access a custom URL in Varius Message Router.

You will need to configure Clearpass to integrate with Custom HTTP handler as the SMS Gateway.

The format of the custom URL is:

Aruba Clearpass

1. Create a new SMS gateway by navigating in the Guest Module as shown below.

2. The next page will ask you to choose an SMS gateway and it needs to be chosen as “Custom HTTP Handler”

3. The next piece of the configuration is the Service URL. An example URL is:

In this example, we are assuming:
– IP address of Varius Message Router is
– The user id / password of the licensed user is admin / password.

4. The next piece is the Service method which needs to be chosen appropriately. In this example we are using HTTP GET.

5. Once the SMS gateway configuration is complete you can click on the Send SMS option under the gateway enter a valid phone number and verify that the SMS is received.