GFI software

Varius Technology Pte Ltd is the sole distributor of GFI Software in Singapore

Over 40,000 customers choose GFI solutions for security, collaboration, and network management applications. Our products provide the needed functionality to address everyday IT issues. The software is easy to download, install and configure.

GFI Security

  • GFI LanGuard
    Patch management, vulnerability scanning, and network auditing
  • GFI KerioControl
    All-in-one next-generation firewall and UTM
  • GFI Archiver
    Archiving emails, files, folders and calendar entries
  • GFI MailEssentials
    Anti-spam and email security for mail servers

GFI Communication

  • GFI KerioConnect
    Emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, chat and more
  • GFI FaxMaker
    Fax securely from anywhere using your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • GFI HelpDesk
    Manage support issues with an all-in-one helpdesk

GFI Network

  • GFI Exinda NetworkOrchestrator
    Quality of experience for critical applications
    Multi-element WAN, traffic, management and prioritization
  • GFI ClearView
    Prevent downtime while simplifying network management

Protect your network with patch management, auditing and security scanning

GFI LanGuard enables you to manage and maintain end-point protection across your network. It provides visibility into all the elements in your network, helps you assess where there may be potential vulnerabilities, and enables you to patch them. The patch management and network auditing solution is easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy.

View your network and see where threats get in

  • Automatically discover all the elements in your network, including computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, printers, servers, virtual machines, routers and switches.
  • Group your devices for better management. Distribute management to different teams and see everything from a central management dashboard.

Find gaps that threats can exploit

  • Scan your network for missing patches.
  • Find gaps in common operating systems. Identify missing patches in web browsers and third-party software.
  • Identify non-patch vulnerabilities by using an updated list of 60,000+ known issues as well as items such as open ports and system information about users, shared directories and services.

Patch holes that make you vulnerable

  • Automatically deploy patches centrally, or deploy agents on individual machines. Don’t rely on individuals to keep your perimeter patched.
  • Control which patches you install and roll back any patches if you find problems.
  • Install security patches not just to fix bugs, but to help applications run better.

Report on compliance requirements

  • Provides automated network security reports to help you demonstrate compliance with multiple requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOX.

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Archive your emails, calendar, faxes and files with tamper-proof security

GFI Archiver makes it easy to secure, store and retrieve your electronic communications. The solution lets you archive and manage your email, calendar and file history in one place and provides easy access when it’s needed. Meet compliance requirements, reduce server space, improve email performance, lower costs and more.

Secure, central storage for compliance and auditing

  • Manage your electronic communications history including emails, attachments, files, calendar entries and faxes.

  • Archive original emails and files in a central, tamper-proof store. Assists with compliance, e-discovery and internal investigations.

  • Use message auditing to validate that stored emails and files are genuine.

Search and retrieve your electronic history

  • Quickly retrieve email history and files, using either desktop or mobile.

  • Messages, attachments and files are automatically indexed before they’re archived, enabling faster search and retrieval.

Improve email performance, reduce costs

  • Archives electronic communications separately from applications to save server space and improve performance.

  • Uses single-instance storage (SIS) to store one copy of a multi-recipient email, instead of multiple copies of the same email.

  • Compresses (and decompresses) email attachments to optimize use of your storage resources.

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Monitor the health and performance of your entire network with reliable real-time reporting

Gain valuable insight into network and application performance in one unified dashboard

  • View the performance of your critical applications to determine which applications consume more bandwidth. ClearView natively recognizes thousands of applications, as well as allowing you to define your own.

  • View network activity down to the user level with comprehensive application groups.  Use pre-defined groups, or create your own.

  • Identify bottlenecks and issues impacting application performance. ClearView’s traffic analysis complements your existing firewall and security systems.

Identify critical issues impacting your applications

  • Monitoring begins as soon as you deploy, and the 1-second refresh time gives you virtually immediate visibility of your entire network.

  • Per user application monitoring, based on Active Directory integration, lets you see in real-time which users are accessing which applications and services.

  • Application performance scores (APS) give you a 1 to 10 rating of application performance based on established thresholds

Prevent performance problems before they impact your business

  • Link performance monitoring with peak analysis lets you know your top talkers and listeners at a given point in time, so you can take action to prevent future impact.

  • Comprehensive application monitoring gives you the ability to see all of your applications, not just the top few.

  • Identify rogue applications that pose threats to your network – before cybercriminals are able to exploit them!

Leverage state-of-the-art reporting tools to manage your data

  • ClearView’s built-in reporting tool makes data analysis extremely easy.

  • Use GFI ClearView to provide analysis of individual applications or groups of applications.

  • Easily output data aggregated from your Security Operations Center or other third-party tools.

  • Automatically aggregated and summarized data reduces the time and effort required to prepare certification reports. ClearView retains certification data for up to two years.

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Manage network performance by focusing on the user experience of key applications

See your network from the user’s perspective

  • Real-time network monitoring lets you understand how well your organization’s important applications are performing 
  • Easy-to-use dashboards help you identify network use, traffic bottlenecks and problem areas by looking at application or Level 7 performance by app, user, device, and location 
  • Cut complaints and boost satisfaction by solving network and application issues before they happen

Control network traffic & applications

  • Identify your most important applications as well as unsanctioned applications that may be stealing your bandwidth 
  • Prioritize how and when specific users, applications, and web sites can consume bandwidth on your network 
  • Draw on a library of pre-built reports designed to address the most important problems Network Managers face 
  • Model and interact with data to better understand the health of your network

Improve application performance

  • Ensure your key business applications—whether on-premise or in the cloud—always deliver the experience users expect 
  • Use data acceleration and caching capabilities to guarantee business applications always perform at their best 
  • Stay one step ahead with the Exinda Recommendation Engine. By studying network patterns and trends Exinda can automatically make suggestions to repair issues and improve network performance

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Fax securely from anywhere using your computer, tablet or smartphone

GFI FaxMaker is a leading fax server that provides digital faxing without the need for traditional equipment. Users can send and receive faxes electronically through a web interface, email or integrated application from any location, on any device.

Easy to use

  • Send and receive faxes from a computer, tablet or smartphone. 
  • Fax using email (such as Microsoft Exchange or Gmail) or a web interface. 
  • Send faxes directly from applications using APIs and print-to-fax. 
  • Ensure faxes reach the right recipients with automatic inbound routing via email. 
  • Save time and resources compared to manually transmitting with a fax machine.

Secure transmission

  • Reduces the risk of confidential faxes being mis-dialed, lost or read by unauthorized individuals. 
  • Uses faxing protocols, which are more secure than email. 
  • Provides security features such as Active Directory and data encryption.

Search and archiving

  • Converts fax images to text for easier search and retrieval. 
  • Enables you to back up and maintain an archive of all fax communications. 
  • Helps you improve record-keeping and meet compliance requirements.

Flexible deployment and administration

  • Choose a connectivity option to suit your requirements, from telephony to virtualized environments to cloud services. 
  • Add fax lines and services, set routing rules and scale as needed. 
  • Run reports based on users, departments, fax numbers, fax status and more.

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Support tickets, knowledge base and chat in one integrated helpdesk solution

Manage customer questions and support more easily

  • Companies quickly outgrow customer support based on shared mailboxes like GFI HelpDesk is self hosted service desk software that consolidates and integrates support functionality. 
  • Customers can easily log tickets through email, chat or other applications…and track them to know they’re being addressed. 
  • Staff can see, create, assign and close support tickets. People inside your company can collaborate through helpdesk notes to solve issues. 
  • Teams can create rules for automatic responses or routing based on ticket properties, ticket content, the type of customer and more.

See the full picture of your customer’s activity…at-a-glance

  • GFI HelpDesk can bring together every interaction your customer has with your business. You can log page views, orders, shipping history, and help desk searches, or capture events from your own product, app, or service and see it all in real-time. 
  • Support teams can know so much more about the customers they help. This makes the support experience richer for the customer and easier for your team.

Go beyond your typical helpdesk

  • Standard and Customizable reporting—GFI HelpDesk comes with comprehensive standard reports and customizable report functionality to deliver insights on your customers, products and services, and support response. 
  • Multi-language—Support your customers in multiple languages. 
  • Create your own knowledge base—Generate and add to a library to help your customers answer their own questions with standard information, how-to’s, and instructions. 
  • SLAs—Build SLAs for response or resolution times to track tickets and customers who most need attention.

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Detect threats, block viruses, control traffic, and more

KerioControl is a next-generation firewall and unified threat management product for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are looking for a comprehensive solution for their security needs.

With KerioControl, businesses gain:

  • A next-generation firewall to control network traffic
  • Intrusion prevention that detects and blocks threats
  • Web content and application filtering
  • Virtual private network (VPN)

Your Router + Firewall to connect securely to the Internet

  • Configure your firewall with easy-to-use traffic rules, controlling in- and outbound communications by URL, application, traffic type, and more

  • Intrusion detection and prevention using the Snort system constantly monitors inbound and outbound network communications for suspicious activity. Log or block the communications depending on the severity

  • Prevent viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware from entering your network. KerioControl goes beyond just checking files for malicious code; it scans your network traffic for potential attacks

Connect your organization with a secure VPN

  • Create secure, high-performance server-to-server connections between your offices running KerioControl with an easy-to-setup VPN technology

  • Or, you can create a secure VPN connection to a remote office that doesn’t have KerioControl deployed, using industry-standard VPN protocols

Manage your valuable bandwidth

  • Prioritize and monitor network traffic to guarantee high-speed transmission for your most important traffic types. Cap lower priority traffic by setting a bandwidth maximum or guarantee high priority traffic by assigning minimum thresholds
  • Distribute Internet traffic across multiple links with Internet Link load balancing, automatically disabling and re-enabling links to ensure continuous Internet access 
  • Protect your network from bandwidth-hogging web and application traffic such as streaming video or by blocking peer-to-peer networks 
  • Manage or block access to 100+ continuously updated categories of content and applications with the optional KerioControl Web Filter w/ application awareness

Easy to deploy and manage

  • KerioControl may be deployed as a software appliance, a virtual machine, or as a hardware appliance
  • Access security settings, manage users and bandwidth and set policies from a customizable web-based interface on your desktop or mobile device 
  • Manage multiple KerioControl deployments through a centralized web interface

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Secure, business-style email, calendar & collaboration without the high cost

KerioConnect is a mail server and an all-in-one collaboration tool deployed by more than 30-thousand companies around the world. It can be installed on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

KerioConnect is just the right size for SMBs with smaller budgets and limited IT staff. It’s easy to manage, easy to deploy and typically costs less than “big brand” solutions.

Email, calendar, IM and more – for less

  • KerioConnect delivers all the features and functionality for collaboration and messaging solution without the complexity and high price tag of other systems. 
  • Email is integrated with shared calendars and scheduling, contacts management, tasks, notes, shared and public folders, and instant messaging. 
  • Synchronize messages by direct push to your choice of mobile device via Microsoft ActiveSync(R). 
  • Instant Messaging is XMPP-compatible and can be used from various 3rd party chat/IM applications on desktop and mobile phones.

Easy to deploy, manage and use

  • You can install KerioConnect in 10 minutes and users can be up and running in just 10 minutes more. 
  • KerioConnect can be deployed on-premises or in partner-hosted cloud environments. 
  • Deploy for users on Mac, Windows, or Linux; plus full support for Outlook (Windows and Mac) and many other IMAP or POP compliant email clients. 
  • KerioConnect web-based administration is simple and can even be configured from a tablet.

Security built into your business email

  • You’re protected against hacking and malicious attacks with SSL encryption, S/MIME, anti-spam and anti-virus tools making sure your email is clean. 
  • Automated backup with granular restore options ensure quick and easy recovery from all types of disasters. 
  • Server-wide archiving prevents data loss and helps organizations to comply with legal requirements for email retention.

Get secure email as a value-priced package

  • Choose KerioConnect for feature-rich email and collaboration tools. 
  • Plus: Powerful multi-engine anti-virus and more with 14 anti-spam filters and 4 anti-virus engines plus malware scanning. 
  • And: Secure archiving to meet compliance regulations with easy management and access to your organization’s electronic communications history.

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Get 14 anti-spam filters, 3 anti-virus engines plus malware scanning in one email security package

Block email-borne viruses and malware

  • Why trust email security to one antivirus engine when you can have the combined power of four? GFI MailEssentials can engage the power of leading brands including BitDefender, Avira and Sophos.

  • Each engine features its own heuristics and detection methods. You gain maximum protection for your email environment to block email-borne viruses and other malware more effectively.

Filter spam to cut wasted time and server space

  • Spam is estimated to be 45% of your email volume. GFI MailEssentials uses 14 advanced email filtering technologies you can see in action. Filter spam out before it hits email boxes to save your server space and productive time.

  • Block spoofed emails, stop emails from blacklisted DNSs or those that link to known problem URLs or phishing sites, remove non-RFC compliant emails, detect emails from forged senders and more techniques to slash the spam waste.

Make email safe and productive…simply

  • GFI MailEssentials is compatible with different email servers, not just Exchange. It fits seamlessly into your current setup—whether on-premise, virtual, or hosted in your cloud infrastructure. IT admins are in full control of their email security.

  • You can also extend control to users. Provide reports and ongoing access to quarantined emails to enable them to release what they want to receive. They can also customize their own black and whitelists.

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Ensure application QoS by prioritizing traffic and bonding bandwidth

Define your multi-element WAN

Combine and intelligently manage up to 12 Internet transports (such as MPLS, T1, DSL, Cable, fiber, satellite or 3G, 4G, LTE) from any of your service providers.

The GFI SD-WAN network router can monitor, detect and adapt against the fluctuations in your ISP performance as well as your changing traffic profile. Solve network problems automatically and avoid interruptions to your Internet services and applications.

Add bandwidth easily

Add additional bandwidth to your network when you need it. GFI SD-WAN lets you plug additional broadband lines in to increase your network capacity.

If you rely on a single service provider, you are dependent on a single SLA. By aggregating service providers, you can build your own best-in-class bandwidth solution. Leverage cable modems’ bandwidth, DSL’s dedicated last-mile transport, and the low latency of MPLS—all packaged together.

Complement with GFI Exinda NetworkOrchestrator

Combining GFI SD-WAN and GFI Exinda NetworkOrchestrator provides many added benefits.

In addition to the fail-over and quality-of-service management GFI SD-WAN offers, GFI Exinda NetworkOrchestrator delivers greater application visibility, additional and more nuanced application-network-bandwidth management/control, and the ability to accelerate applications for even better performance.

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