Siemens APOGEE Building Automation Software – Insight Advanced Workstation Send SMS

Varius Message Router SMS Integration with Siemens Building Management System

Varius Message Router is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable hardware message router. Supporting multiple message channels including SMTP, HTTP and SMS, Varius Message Router offers full flexibility in the routing and transformation of these messages.

Siemens Insight Advanced Workstation provides a graphical approach to manage and control a building from an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, the Insight Advanced Workstation provides for facility-wide efficiencies and cost-effective information sharing.


The concept involves configuring Insight Advanced Workstation to send emails to Varius Message Router which in turn converts the emails to SMS messages.

Varius Message Router

1. Login to Varius Message Router. Select Licensed users. Select or create a licensed user in Varius Message Router. Take note of the email address of the user.

2. Select Message Processing > Transmission Action and create a SMS route.

3. Select Message Processing > Inbound Filters and create a SMTP filter and point it to SMS route.

Insight Advanced Workstation

4. Launch the Insight Advanced Workstation and click on the Remote Notification button to access the Remote Notification module.

5. Click on Options > Settings from the top menu bar.

6. The Systems Settings window will appear. Access the E-Mail tab and configure the SMTP Server IP to the IP address of the Varius Message Router instead of the existing localhost. In this way, the Insight Advanced Workstation will send email to the Varius Message Router.

a. Modify the Server Name to the IP address of Varius Message Router.

b. Modify the Identification E-Mail Address field to the email address of the user in Varius Message Router.

c. Click Save to save the information.

7. For each contact in the Remote Notification module, set his email address in the format of When a contact is notified by email, an email will be sent to Varius Message Router and an SMS will be sent to his mobile number.

8. Please select Manual Notification to send out an email with the recipient’s email address in the format of to test the SMS sending.

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