Varius Message Router Features

System Features

Multiple Routings

VMR caters to multiple routings for example SMTP to SMS, SMTP to HTTP etc. See below for full sets of message routings.

Advanced Filters

VMR has both source and criteria filtering. Rule based criteria can be set to capture relevant message for actions.

SMS Gateway

VMR can function as a SMS gateway as it has a cellular outlet. This will also facilitate machine 2 machine interaction.

Multiple Transmissions

Inbound message can be transmitted to multiple transmission actions based on pre-configured settings.

Inbuilt Servers

VMR consists of SNMP, Syslog, SMTP, HTTP and POP3 Server. These server facilitates the capturing of message.

Full Web Configuration

All settings are configured by web interface only. No command line is needed for day to day operations!

Message Transformation

Comprehensive tool to transform or translate a message from one form to another. Message text can be modified as well.

Contact Groups

Contact groups cater to easy sending to all contacts within a group on single triggering.

User Access

Normal user can be given security access to certain module.

Windows Version Available

The message routing software supports installation in a Windows as well.

Message Logging

VMR log all incoming and outgoing messages in a persistent database.

Inbuilt Mail Server

VMR comes with both SMTP and POP3 server which essential make it a self sufficient mail server.

Multiple Network Message Profiles

Multiple outbound profiles like HTTP, SNMP, Syslog, POP3 and SMTP caters to different profiles.

Notification Escalation

Able to escalate a email or SMS message to ensure the appropriate parties will be notified if no action is taken.

Reminder and Schedule

User is able to schedule message to fire at a later time or at a pre-configured number of times.

Failure Management

Able to manage failure comprehensively according to one's business rules.

Supports SNMP v1, v2c and v3

Support both incoming and outgoing SNMP Traps for all the current versions.

Various Integrations

With various ports available, VMR is able to integrate to different type of applications with ease. It becomes the cornerstone of all integrations.


Cloud SMS

User is able to subscribe to cloud SMS if cellular SMS is not preferred.

Temperature Sensor

User is able to plug in a Varius temperature sensor by USB.

Network Monitoring

You can able to use VMR as a network monitoring server to monitor your networks, pc etc.