Varius Message Router – Hardware gateway appliance for comprehensive alerts

Varius Message Router is a hardware gateway appliance for SMS alerts and environmental monitoring.
Receive immediate alerts for quick response to protect your critical assets.

Key Features

Hardware appliance

Comprehensive SMS gateway

Enhanced security features

Environmental sensors

Our Editions

Our Sensors

Varius Message Router V2

Varius Message Router V2 with 8 dry contact inputs

Environmental Sensors

Note: Non-cellular editions are available

Use Cases

Receive alerts without internet connectivity

Varius Message Router alerts system administrators of issues that occurred in secured locations without internet connectivity.

Automated SMS sending

Trigger SMS alerts from your network monitoring system and business applications. Varius Message Router supports multiple protocols including SMTP, HTTP, Syslog, SNMP Traps and POP3.

Monitor server room temperature and humidity

Prevent damage to your expensive equipment and servers caused by air-conditioning power failure. Receive alerts for high temperature or humidity.

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