VMR – Architecture

About VMR's Architecture

VMR is a standalone hardware appliance which integrates into any existing IT infrastructure. It transforms message including its attributes from one type to another with absolute ease. It offers comprehensive filtering rule for granular configuration based on one’s business needs.

The current accepted message formats include Syslog, SNMP version 1, version 2c and version 3, SMS, HTTP, POP3 and SMTP email. VMR will setup corresponding server to accept these message into the system. 

The Source Filters will be the first to encounter when these message first enter into the system. Those not are not in the list of approved IP address or mobile number will be dropped.

Once the message got past the Source Filters, it will arrive at Inbound Filters where it is a set of comprehensive business rule to determine the outcome of the message.

The Inbound filters will be linked to the Transmission Actions where the message can be transformed, manipulated and transmitted to various medium supported in the system. Failure management will be done here as well. 

Data Flow

Below is a diagram of the supporting data structure in order for VMR to function.