VMR – Inbound Filters

1. Overview

  1. Access Main menu > Message Processing > Inbound Filters.
  2. Inbound Filters define rules and actions on inbound messages.
  3. Filters are processed according to priority. When an inbound message is captured by a filter, the processing stops.
  4. This example shows the inbound filters for inbound SMTP messages (email).

2. Filter details

  1. Click on “Add filter” button to add a new filter or on edit icon to edit a filter.
  2. Specify the filter name, description, criteria and actions.

3. Specify filter criteria

  1. Filter criteria defines what type of inbound message to capture.
  2. You can assign multiple criteria using AND and OR conditions.
  3. This example shows a filter that works on an inbound SMTP message sent by “telegram@variustech.com”.

4. Assign transmission actions

  1. You assign Transmission Actions to a filter.
  2. These are the actions to take when an inbound message matches the filter criteria.
  3. You can select multiple actions.
  4. This example shows that “HTTP to Telegram” action is performed.