Disable USB Selective Suspend Setting for Barcode Scanners


Microsoft Windows has a “USB selective suspend” feature which allows a computer or notebook to suspend an individual USB port to conserve battery power. This feature can cause incorrect functioning of barcode scanners such as unable to charge or unable to transmit data.

  • Wired mode: Unable to power up barcode scanners. 
  • Wireless mode: Unable to display scanned information on the computer after barcode scanner successfully scans a barcode.

Steps to disable "USB selective suspend" feature

Please follow the steps below  to disable “USB selective suspend” feature. 

  1. On the Windows operating system, right click on the Windows logo and select Power Options then select Additional power settings.
  2. Alternatively, access Control Panel and select Power Options.
  3. From the Power Options window, select Change Plan Settings to the right of Balanced for the power plan.
  4. Then select Change Advanced Power Settings.
  5. In the next window that opens up, access the USB Settings option, click on the + sign next to it, and again with USB Selective Suspend Setting. Disable for both On battery and Plugged modes in. Click Apply or OK to save your settings.