Virtual USB Server UPS

True Mobility for your USB Devices!

The UPS version of Virtual USB Server offers true wireless capability for your USB devices.

This is because it has an in-built power bank that reduces the need for a power point. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for a power cable. Any USB device just needs to plug into the Virtual USB Server UPS and will be seamlessly connected by the client via wifi network either as an access point or as client wifi. 

Most importantly, the UPS version of Virtual USB Server includes the same subset of features with the first version of Virtual USB Server. Please click here to see the full features. 

Self Powered

Virtual USB Server (UPS) has a built in Li-ion battery that has a capacity of 1000mAh. Depending on the applications you are running, the battery will last differently. On an average load, this will last around 45 minutes per full charge.

Being self powered will make it true wireless mobility for your USB device!

Power Processor for Small Device

Virtual USB Server (UPS) has a processing power of BCM2835 ARM11 1GHz single-core CPU and 512MB RAM. This is an upgrade of the first version of Virtual USB Server which runs Atheros AR9331. Thereby being more powerful, it is able to run resource intensive USB applicable like video cam etc.

Multimodal Connection Methods

Virtual USB Server (UPS) allows 3 types of connection to the server. It can be used for configuration or for connection to the USB device. The three methods are:
1. Connect by Access Point
2. Connect by Client Wifi Network
3. Connect by USB OTG cable

Supports Windows, OSX, Linux

The Virtual USB Server (UPS) client software runs on Windows, OSX and Linux. The client software will automatically find the USB device attached to the Virtual USB Server Appliance.

Video Demostrations

Demonstration of USB over IP with a USB wired Fingerprint Reader.

Quick Guide Setup

Please click above link to see how it works!