StepOver Signature Pads


Made in Germany

StepOver is one of the pioneers of digital, electronic signatures. For 20 years we have been developing and selling solutions around digital signatures for our customers and partners. All our hardware and software products are “Made in Germany”. We develop, test and manufacture our signature pads and signature software solutions exclusively in Stuttgart.

From handwritten electronic signatures to certificate-based online signatures, we offer the complete range of solutions for our customers and partners.

We have a strong international presence and work with renowned solution providers and sales partners worldwide.

We live quality, security and reliability – and look forward to any trusting, long-term cooperation.

naturaSign Pad Classic

The naturaSign Pad Classic with monochrome black-and-white screen and USB connection, developed and manufactured by StepOver in Germany, is the official successor to the classic naturaSign Pad I and II, of which 100,000 have already been sold. The screen resolution has been increased so that images and text are displayed even better.

naturaSign Pad Mobile

The naturaSign Pad Mobile is specifically developed for the requirement of mobile usage, including field sales. Thanks to the large black-and-white screen, the super-slim design (0,95 cm thick) and its curved edges, the naturaSign Pad Mobile is also an extremely compact, yet sturdy and comfortable, device for signature capture.

duraSign Pad Brilliance

The duraSign Pad Brilliance, with bright color screen and USB port, has been designed and manufactured especially for frequent and heavy use at the sales counter. Its elegant yet robust construction, featuring a 3 mm polycarbonate case and a large, hardened glass surface, makes this signature pad an attractive solution built to last.