External systems can access a URL link in Varius Message Router. Information supplied in the URL link will be used to send out SMS messages.

Custom URL format

The custom URL must be in this format: 



  • <%ip_address%> is the IP address of Varius Message Router
  • <%username%> is the user name of a licensed user
  • <%password%> is the password of the corresponding licensed user
  • <%recipient_mobile_no%> is the mobile number of the SMS recipient
  • <%sms_text%> is the SMS message text

For instance, if you would like to send an SMS message “test” to the mobile number “91111111”, you can create a licensed user in Varius Message Router with user id and password as user / password first. After which, access the custom URL from your favourite web browser or external system to send out SMS. We are assuming that the IP address of your Varius Message Router is

SMS message text

You can configure the SMS message text to contain only the email body text or the email body text with the email subject. Furthermore, you can configure the manipulation of SMS message text by appending, removing or replacing certain keywords.