Sending SNMP Traps

A client module to generate SNMP Traps based on pre-entered SNMP profiles.



From IP

The local IP Address where it is the originator source.

SNMP Profiles

Pre-entered SNMP Profiles for selection.

Additional Variable Bindings

variable binding is the pairing of an SNMP object instance name with an associated value. A variable binding list is a series of variable binding entries. This field allows the adding of the variable bindings to any existing variable bindings pre-entered in the SNMP Profiles.

Add Button

A button to add a variable binding to the list.

Update Button

A button to update variable binding to the list. You need to select the existing variable binding first.

Delete Button

A button to delete a selected variable binding off the list.


To schedule a SNMP message to send at a later time.

Send Button

A button to send a SNMP message.

Clear Button

A button to refresh the form.