Fluid SMS Gateway

Enhance communications with Fluid SMS server

Fluid SMS gateway is a TWO way email to SMS gateway. It allows users to send and receive SMS messages in the same way they send and receive ordinary email.

Effortless transmission

Fluid SMS gateway provides efficient automated SMS transmisson. SMS messages are easily sent and received from a user’s desktop using a web browser or an email client.


Users view only the SMS messages that they have sent or received. Incoming SMS messages are delivered to the right party every time with the inbound routing rules.


Fluid SMS gateway allows organizations to comply with data protection and archival regulations. SMS transmissions are archived to a database. The transmission records can be collated for costing purposes or searched out for legal purposes.

Integrate existing applications

Existing applications can be SMS enabled easily with integration. Business applications such as ERP and CRM can automatically send out SMS messages for a greater reach.

SMS broadcast

Fluid SMS gateway is ideal for SMS marketing and customer communications. Organizations can broadcast their SMS messages to reach a wide audience. This feature is very popular for companies in the logistics and real estate industries.


Fluid SMS gateway has built in contingency features to route failed SMS transmissions to another SMS gateway for re-sending. Together with the support for unlimited users, organizations can scale up their automated SMS operations effectively.

Low implementation costs

Fluid SMS gateway can be installed seamlessly on desktop operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. There is no need for an expensive Windows server operating system. This makes Fluid SMS gateway a very cost effective solution.