HID I Scan 3 Iris Scanner

Portable dual iris scanner

Automatic, dual iris capture in under 5 seconds is achieved with the HID® I Scan™ 3. This portable, mountable, and ergonomically designed biometric scanner is the next generation of compact dual iris capture devices. Designed for commercial and civil government applications that require identity verification, the HID I Scan 3 is an integral part of a comprehensive biometric identity management solution. Organizations can quickly enhance their security levels through the deployment of iris matching.

  • Dual iris capture in less than five seconds
  • Automatic image capture
  • Requires minimal user intervention
  • Fully portable system
  • Easily integrates into a Jumpkit
  • SDK: HID I Scan Essentials (included)

Ergonomic design and intelligent capture software makes the iris scanner simple to use – requiring virtually no operator training to capture high quality images. These features make the I Scan 3 uniquely suited for large scale rapid mobile enrollment, identification and verification applications.

HID I Scan 3 Iris Scanner can acquire the two iris images in a single operation. The camera is fixed focus and does not require a guessing game in order to find the right distance for image acquisition. This is due to the U-shaped top panel that rests on the individual’s forehead during the enrollment process. This also has another advantage of shielding the eyes, the infrared lights and the lenses from potentially disruptive light sources, such as the sun.

The included HID I Scan™ Essentials SDK software enables image finding and stabilization, pupil segmentation, image quality assessment and Auto-Capture functionality for quick and easy high-quality image collection. The images produced are standards-based and compatible with known iris matching algorithms. A separate license is not required to acquire and populate iris images.