Email to SMS

Varius Message Router is an email to SMS gateway. It receives emails and in turn converts these emails to outgoing SMS messages. 

An external system such as an email server or an application sends emails to Varius Message Router so that it can convert these emails to outgoing SMS messages.

In-built SMTP server

Varius Message Router has an in-built SMTP server that is ready to receive emails sent by other email servers such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes or external applications. You can configure the following:

  • SMTP server port
  • SMTP Authentication 
  • Email domains to accept

Email recipient format

Emails sent to Varius Message Router must have a fixed email recipient format. The email recipients must be in the format of <mobile_number>  You can also configure Varius Message Router to accept other email domains apart from

For instance, to send out SMS messages to the mobile number 91111111, the email recipient will be

Email alias

Email recipients can also be in the format of where is the email alias of a contact group configured in Varius Message Router. This feature enables mass sending of SMS messages to each member of the contact group with the respective email alias. 

SMS message text

You can configure the SMS message text to contain only the email body text or the email body text with the email subject. Furthermore, you can configure the manipulation of SMS message text by appending, removing or replacing certain keywords.