Scan Digital NRIC On Singpass App

Digital IC

All Government agencies will accept, from 1 November 2021, the Digital Identity Card (IC) on the Singpass app as an alternative means to prove an individual’s identity for in-person agency services. 

What is Digital IC

The Digital IC is a feature in your Singpass app that displays your name, NRIC number/FIN, photograph, date of birth, sex, nationality, date of issue, registered address, pass type and status, pass issue and expiry date, and other additional fields for work passes such as the employer and sector.

You can tap on the Digital IC card and verify your identity to display more personal details, such as your date of birth, registered address, etc. 

You can also tap on “Show barcode” to scan your NRIC/FIN barcode at kiosks, such as those at libraries and SingHealth polyclinics.

What barcode scanners can scan Digital IC

Barcode scanners that can read barcodes from smartphone screens include special 1D barcode scanners and 2D barcode scanners.

Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Varius XB-6208 with stand


Industrial 2D 2.4G Bluetooth barcode scanner

Varius XB-6266MB with stand


Industrial 2D Bluetooth barcode scanner

Varius XB-6208 with stand


Industrial 1D 2.4G Bluetooth barcode scanner


Zebra DS2278

High quality scans every time

Corded Barcode Scanners

Varius XB-2055A with stand


Industrial 2D area imaging barcode scanner

Varius XB-6277 with stand


Industrial high precision 2D barcode scanner

Zebra DS2208

Affordable 1D/2D imager that doesn’t compromise performance or features for price

Handsfree Omni-directional Barcode Scanners

XB-7126 fixed mount barcode scanner


2D fixed mount barcode scanner for kiosk and outdoor use

Varius XB-8620


2D desktop handsfree imager omni-directional barcode scanner

Zebra DS9308

Zebra DS9308

The presentation scanner that fits anywhere, scans everything, and is built for all-day reliability

Handheld Computers With Built-in Barcode Scanners

C66 Industrial Handheld Computer With 2D Scanner 4G

C66 Handheld Computer

Mobile handheld computer with WiFi and 4G

Zebra TC20 mobile computer

Zebra TC21

Handheld computer with WiFi

Zebra TC20 mobile computer

Zebra TC26

Handheld computer with WiFi and 4G