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With the proliferation of Portable Document Format (PDF) documents in the business world today, there is a compelling need to endorse or make changes to work flow documents in a cost effective way.

PDF is an open standard for document exchange such that it has now become a pervasive feature in any digital environment.

Similar to paper dominated work flow, user that is using the document would naturally encounter incidents where there is need to make some kind of alterations to the document.

The reason we develop Fluid PDF is we want to offer to the mass market a comprehensive tool for PDF document at a cost effective price.

An important feature is Fluid PDF offers electronic signature using PKI or biometric or both methods concurrently for signing binding PDF document.

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You do if you have the following requirements.

You have a signature pad and want to digital sign into PDF without using ADOBE Acrobat Standard or Professional.

You want to digital sign a document with fingerprint.

You want to apply digital rights to PDF such as restrict printing, saving and viewing by number of times and by expiration period.

You want to apply secured encryption and decryption feature to PDF.

You want to be able annotate illustrative objects onto PDF in a cost effective way.

You want to design and fill up forms easily.

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How to Videos :


Basic Annotation


Digital Sign

Basic Form


Encrypt and Decrypt


Signing To Preplace Signature Fields


Fingerprint Legal Binding Signing