Signotec Signature Pads

signotec GmbH is the leading manufacturer of hardware and software for signing electronic documents. Since its foundation in 2000, signotec has developed into a global technology leader, trusted by numerous and well-known references from a wide range of sectors. The portfolio of signotec GmbH includes different signature pads as well as comprehensive software solutions for stationary and mobile signing including remote signatures. The specialty: All products convince through their unrivalled quality, manufactured in Germany. In addition, they feature unique and patented security mechanisms that ensure the protection of biometric data and document integrity.

Made in Germany

Quality is not achieved through wage dumping and third-class working conditions but through good apprenticeship, fair payment and high motivation. Therefore, the employees of signotec GmbH are winners of globalization – especially because they work in Germany. “We manufacture products that are always one step ahead of those of our competitors and meet high safety and environmental standards. Our customers appreciate this – all over the world. In this way we secure the jobs of our employees – in Germany”, says Arne Brandes, CEO of signotec GmbH.

With the quality seal “Made in Germany”, signotec has an outstanding position in the market and supports medium-sized businesses in Germany.

signotec Sigma

The signotec Sigma is the smallest signature pad with an approx. 4" (10.4 cm) monochrome display (LCD), which is optionally available with or without backlight. The RTP sensor with a special foil surface captures the handwritten signature with a sampling rate of up to 500 Hz and 1,024 pressure levels. In addition, simple graphics and text information can also be shown on the display of the signotec Sigma.

signotec Omega

The signotec Omega is equipped with an approx. 5" (12.8 cm) colour display and offers signature capture with 1,024 pressure levels and a sampling rate of up to 500 Hz. The classic design with rounded sides makes signing comfortable.The patented pen technology and the RTP sensor with a special foil surface provide a writing feeling almost like on paper. The vertical pen holder allows quick and easy gripping of the pen, which does not require any electronics or power supply.

signotec Gamma

The signotec Gamma establishes new standards in terms of design and functionality. The flat signature pad impresses with its robust sensor surface made of hardened special glass with ER technology. The high-resolution approx. 5" (12.6 cm) colour display enables excellent presentation of graphics and texts. Two different pen holders ensure the best ergonomics for the respective application.