Configuring Sensor Alert Profiles

Alert profiles are used when an alert is sent. The types of alert profiles are:

  1. Email alert profile.
  2. SNMP trap profile.
You can send alerts in other forms such as SMS, HTTP, Syslog, POP3 using the message processing rules of VMR.

Email alert profile

An email alert profile specifies an SMTP server that is used for sending out email alerts.

Select Sensors > Email Alert Profiles to access the Email Alert Profiles page. 

Fill in the details with the Recipients email field defining the parties to be alerted by email.


Sending SMS alerts

You can send out SMS alerts by creating an email alert profile that specifies VMR as the SMTP server to utilize the email to SMS functionality of VMR.
The settings is below:

  • Profile name: VMR
  • Mail server name/IP: localhost
  • Mail server SMTP port: 25
  • User ID: [blank]
  • Password: [blank]
  • Enable SSL: No
  • Sender email:
  • Recipients email: [mobilenumber]

Sensor email alert profiles


In the following example, there is a contact group configured in VMR with the following properties:

  • Group Name: Alert Group
  • Email Alias: alertgroup

To send alerts to members of this contact group, set the recipients email in the email alert profile as

For more information on managing contacts, please refer to Manage Contacts.

SNMP trap profile

An SNMP trap profile specifies a remote host that is used for receiving SNMP traps sent by VMR.

Select Sensors > SNMP Alert Profiles to access the SNMP Alert Profiles page. 

Fill in the details of the remote host.

Sensors SNMP alert profiles