HID EikonTouch 510 Fingerprint Reader

The HID EikonTouch 510 USB capacitive silicon fingerprint reader features enhanced usability and durability. It is ideally suited for high traffic environments such as point-of-sale and multi-user applications.

The patented technology captures high-quality images for a wide range of fingerprints and provides liveness detection for quick and reliable biometric authentication. 

Our biometric identity verification solution provides enterprise customers and system integrators with a natural extension to security infrastructure, perfect for desktop PC security, mobile PC security, access control and other custom applications. 

For high-traffic applications, the Steelcoat® protective coating provides exceptional durability.

  • Steelcoat provides added durability for high-traffic applications
  • On-board processing for template generation, template matching and template storage
  • Encrypted USB communication
  • PAD (Presentation Attack Detection)

Designed for use with the DigitalPersona® Software Developer Kit (SDK) that provides flexible APIs to enable fast integration of the HID EikonTouch 510 Fingerprint Reader into a broad range of applications.

  • Image Resolution: 508 DPI
  • Scanned Finger Area (mm): 12.8 x 18
  • Protective Coating rated to withstand over 4 million touches
  • USB Cable: Available in USB-A, USB Micro-B and USB-C connectors in cable lengths of 20 cm or 182 cm
  • Interface: USB 2.0 full speed
  • On-Board Data Storage: Up to 100 finger templates
  • Ingress Protection: IP 63
  • Development Kit Options: DigitalPersona® Biometric SDK supports a variety of thin client and browser plug-in options