XB-5055R Industrial 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner User Guide


XB-5055R is an industrial 1D wireless barcode scanner capable of reading various 1D barcodes.

User Manual: Please download the User Manual for the configuration barcodes. A copy of the user manual is in the barcode scanner box.

Connection modes

The barcode scanner has only one connection mode which is the wireless mode. 

  • Barcode scanner paired with USB receiver (dongle). 
  • The USB receiver is connected to computer.
Please ensure that the barcode scanner is properly charged before using it.

Barcode scanner paired with USB receiver (dongle)

Using the connection mode

  1. Connect the USB receiver (dongle) to the USB port of the computer.
  2. Ensure that Windows can detect the USB receiver in Device Manager.
    It should appear as a HID Keyboard Device under Keyboards.
  3. Turn on the barcode scanner by pressing the trigger.
  4. Open Notepad and attempt to scan a barcode with the barcode scanner. The scanned barcode will appear in Notepad.
How to pair
Please perform the following steps to pair the barcode scanner with the USB receiver.
  1. Scan Factory Default barcode with the barcode scanner.
  2. Disconnect and re-connect the USB receiver from the USB port of the computer.
  3. When the blue indicator light of the USB receiver is flashing continuously, scan Forced Pairing barcode with the barcode scanner.
  4. When pairing is successful, the barcode scanner will show two beeps.


Question: Why does the barcode scanner turn off immediately after it is turned on?

Answer: The battery of the barcode scanner is low. Please charge it with the power adapter provided.

Question: When used in wireless mode, why is there no data transmitted after some time? 

This may be due to the Windows “USB selective suspend” feature which suspends a USB port to save power. Please disable this feature using the method here.