Scheduled Messages

1. Overview

You can send scheduled messages such as Heartbeat SMS that is sent out daily to report that the device is alive.

2. View scheduled messages

  1. Access Main menu > Messages > Scheduled Messages to view scheduled messages.
    vmr scheduled messages
  2. The fields are:
  • Scheduled Date Time: Original time when the message is scheduled
  • Recipient (Mobile/Email): The receiver of the message
  • Body Message: Message text
  • Sender: Sender of message
  • Scheduled Rules: Information on when and how many messages to send
  • Number Activated: Number of times the message is sent
  • Output Type: Whether message is SMS, Email, Syslog, SNMP or HTTP
  • Message Type: Message type is Schedule
  • Next Activation: Next activation time

3. Create new scheduled SMS

  1. Access Main menu > Client tools > Send SMS to create a new SMS message.
  2. Select the contact groups or fill in the recipients followed by the SMS Message.
  3. Click “No Schedule Set” to set the schedule.
    VMR send scheduled SMS

4. Specify schedule details

  1. Specify the fields and click “OK” to save.
    VMR set schedule
  2. The fields are:
  • Start Date Time: Original time when the message is scheduled
  • Frequency: Interval between messages
    When the dropdown list selection is chosen, the textbox value will be ignored.
    The first message is sent on “start date time” + frequency.
  • End Conditions: The schedule will end when any conditions are met
    – “Stops if number of message sent equals”: The schedule will stop after this number of messages sent. Set to 0 to ignore.
    – “Stops if exceeds date time”: The schedule will stop after this time.

ExampleHow to set Heartbeat SMS

Set a heartbeat SMS to alert recipients at a specific time daily eg. 9am to report that the device is alive.

Set the following fields:

  • Start date time: Select tomorrow’s date and specific time you want the SMS to be sent.
  • Frequency: Daily
  • End Conditions:
    Stops if number of message sent equals: 0
    Stops if exceeds date time: Select a date such as one that is three years in the future.
  • Click “OK” button.

5. Send message

  1. The schedule appears in the Send SMS page.
    VMR set schedule done
  2. Click “Send” to send the message.
  3. The schedule message will appear in the list of scheduled messages.