Send Email

Sending Email via Web

This client module allows you to send email to the mail server directly.

Send Email Fields


From User

The current user who log in to VMR.

Mail Server

Refers to the Mail Server profiles.


Refers to groups created in contact. It will send to everyone in the group.


You can ad hoc enter recipients for your email message.

Message Template

A collection of templates pre-created for quick usage.

Save New Button

To save new message template in the list.

Update Button

To update message in template list.


To remove a message template from the list.


You can enter the subject of the email message here.


You can enter the body text of the email here.


You can set the email to be scheduled to send at a later time.

Send Button

You can click Send to send the message.

Clear Button

Click clear to refresh the form to default state.