Dreaded signing ugly signatures using a mouse?

Signing a signature using a mouse is never natural, producing awkward signatures that do not look like yours.

Our Draw to Sign solution allows you to sign beautiful and elegant signatures using an electronic signature pad.


Natural signing experience

What is more intuitive than holding a pen to sign? Enjoy this natural experience for every document that you sign.

Sign elegant signatures

Because signing is so natural, our solution produces beautiful and elegant signatures that is yours.

Zero program modifications

You do not need to re-program your application thereby saving you lots of time and money.

No installation required

Apart from signature pad drivers, our solution needs no installation thereby allowing immediate usage.

Supports different signature pads

Our solution supports different brands of signature pads allowing greater flexibility and compatibility.

So simple to use

Install signature pad drivers

1. Ensure that the signature pad is connected to your computer.

2. Install the drivers required

  • Stepover signature pads:
    Install Stepover Device API.
  • Wacom signature pads:
    Install Wacom STU driver – eg. Wacom-STU-Driver-5.4.2.exe
    Run Wacom SDK component – wgssSTU.exe

Setup Draw to Sign

1. Unzip our solution package provided to a folder.

2. Run DrawToSignV2.exe and its icon will appear in the system tray.

Set signing area

1. Right click on the icon and select “Set Signature area”.

2. Simply left click on your mouse, drag and release the mouse click to define your signature area.

You only need to do this once.

Sign naturally

1. Open your application and sign naturally with your signature pad.

Application settings 

1. Right click on our system tray icon and select “Settings” for more options.

Draw to Sign settings

  • Auto Clear LCD timing in Second (0-100):¬† Time interval to reset the LCD screen after signing. This is useful if signature is wrongly signed to attempt a second signature.
  • Starts Program when Windows Starts: Auto start Draw To Sign upon Windows start up. This is especially useful for kiosk signing.
  • Signature Field Selection: Configures the mapping of the signature pad LCD window to the computer screen.
    Static Area: You can use “Set Signature area” option to set a signature area. The LCD signature will be mirrored onto this area.
    Active Window: The signature area is auto mapped to the size of the window with the predefined size.
    The size of the window can be specified in the setting Active Window Reduction Size (100-50).

System Requirements

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Microsoft Dotnet 2.0 Framework and above installed

Supported signature pads

  • Stepover signature pads
  • Wacom signature pads