Messaging Concepts of VMR


Connect the applications using a Message Channel, where one application send information to the channel and the other one receives that information from the channel.

Message Filter

How can VMR avoid receiving uninteresting messages?

The sole purpose of Message Filter to eliminate undesired messages from a channel based on a set of criteria.  If the message content matches the criteria specified by the Message Filter, the message is routed to the output channel. If the message content does not match the criteria, the message is discarded.

Content Based Router

A Content-Based Router allows us to route a message to the correct system based on message content. This process is transparent to the original sender in the sense that the originator simply sends the message to a channel, where the router picks it up and takes care of everything.

Message Translator

How can systems using different data formats communicate with each other using messaging?

A Message Translator translate one data format into another so to be accepted by the appropriate message endpoint.

Message Transformation

The Message Transformation uses information inside the incoming message to retrieve data from an external source. After it retrieves the required data from the resource, it appends the data to the message. The original information from the incoming message may be carried over into the resulting message or may no longer be needed, depending on the specific needs of the receiving application.