Varius Message Router Getting Started Guide

Package contents

The package contents are:

  • Varius Message Router appliance (VMR)
  • 5V, 2.5A power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Antenna for cellular version
  • Optional environmental sensors

System requirements

  1. Power source:
    a. An available AC power socket to power VMR.
    b. If powered by UPS: An available UPS outlet.
    c: If powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE): a PoE splitter and a connection to PoE switch.
  2. To connect to the LAN (optional):
    a. A network port.
    b. A static IP address if static IP is used.
  3. To connect to WiFi (optional):
    a. WiFi SSID and password.
    b. A static IP address if static IP is to be used.
  4. For sending email alerts (optional):
    a. SMTP server IP address and login credentials.
    b. Recipients email address.
  5. For sending SMS alerts (optional):
    a. Micro SIM card (VMR V2) or Standard SIM card (VMR).
    b. Recipients mobile number.
  6. For temperature sensor:
    a. Temperature value to trigger alert.
  7. For temperature and humidity sensor:
    a. Temperature value to trigger alert.
    b. Humidity value to trigger alert.
  8. For power failure sensor:
    a. An AC power socket for the sensor to detect loss of power.
    b. If UPS is used, an AC power socket to power the UPS.

Insert SIM card

This section applies to the cellular version only. 


1. Power off VMR.

2. Insert Micro SIM card into opening in this direction.

3. SIM card clicks to lock in place.

4. To release SIM card: Push in SIM card.

5. Power on VMR.


1. Power off VMR.

2. Press yellow button through opening with tweezers to eject SIM card holder.

3. Place Standard SIM card into holder and push holder into VMR.

4. Power on VMR.


Power up

Power up Varius Message Rouer (VMR) through its supplied power adapter. 

Connecting using ethernet

  1. Configure the IP address of your computer’s Ethernet adapter to
    IP address:
    Subnet mask:
  2. Connect the Ethernet port of your computer to the Ethernet port of the VMR with an Ethernet cable.
  3. From your web browser, access VMR’s web interface at
  4. Login using the default username / password as admin / password.

    Varius Message Router Login

After login, click on the Menu icon to access the main menu.

Set Host Name

  1. Access System Administration > Device Properties from the main menu.
  2. Set the host name.
Set hostname

Ethernet configuration

  1. Select Ethernet from the System Administration menu.
  2. Select DHCP or configure the static IP address of VMR and click Save.
  3. Click Restart Network to apply the Ethernet settings immediately.
  4. This completes the configuration of the IP address for VMR to connect to your organization’s network.
Ethernet configuration

Wi-Fi configuration

  1. Select Wi-Fi from the System Administration menu.
  2. You can set the built-in wireless adapter to be in access point mode or as a Wi-Fi client.
Wi-Fi status

Set as Wi-Fi access point

  1. To configure VMR in access point mode, key in the SSID and Network Security Key and click Save.
  2. Restart VMR and use your notebook to connect to its Wi-Fi SSID.
Wi-Fi access point

Set as Wi-Fi client

  1. To configure VMR as a Wi-Fi client, first create a Wi-Fi profile.
  2. Click Scan to scan available networks and select the SSID or key in a new SSID.
  3. Key in the corresponding Network Security Key and click Save Profile.
  4. Set the IP Address assignment as DHCP or Static and click Save.
  5. Click Restart Network and VMR will auto connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  6. If you are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network, restart VMR.
Wi-Fi client

Configure system time

  1. Select System Time from the System Administration menu.
  2. Set system time manually or select “Set Time Automatically” to synchronize system time with public network time protocol (NTP) servers. 
  3. Set time manually:
    a. Uncheck “Set Time Automatically”.
    b. Click “Save”.
    c. Access System Time from System Administration menu.
    d. Set correct date and time.
    e. Click “Save”.
    f. Access System Time from System Administration menu to verify.
  4. Set time automatically:
    a. Check “Set Time Automatically”.
    b. Key in the NTP servers addresses.
    c. If the NTP servers addresses are empty, the default NTP is used.
    d. Click Save. 
    e. Connect VMR to the internet by WiFi or Ethernet.
    f. Access System Time from System Administration menu to verify that time is synchronized.
System time