VMR – File to SMS

File To SMS

The File to SMS functionality allows machines to copy files to Varius Message Router via SCP – Secure Copy Protocol. Varius Message Router will read each file and send out SMS according to the contents of the file.

The files are accepted according to the following rules:

  • File name: Name that does not start with dot (.) .
  • File type: Text file.
  • File content: 
    Line that starts with “To:” contains the SMS recipient. 
    The other lines will contain the SMS message.

Enabling File to SMS functionality

From the main menu, click on  “File To SMS” to access the File To SMS Logs. From the logs page, click on the cog wheel to access the configuration page.

The File To SMS Configuration page allows you to enable this functionality and specify the default SMS sender email address. 

Check the “Accept Files Via SCP” checkbox to enable this functionality.
Specify a licensed user’s email address in the “Default SMS Sender Email Address” field.
Varius Message Router sends an email to itself as this email sender to make use of the email to SMS functionality to send out SMS.

Authorized SSH Keys

From the File To SMS Configuration page, click on the lock to access the Authorized SSH Keys page.

The File To SMS Authorized SSH Keys page allows you to add the public keys of machines that are authorized to perform SCP to Varius Message Router.

Check “Add Key” to add a new machine and its public key.

The public key should be in the format of 

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDCaMA3E4bnAlRZRCJv8X6MSz1NBKOF5E0Ziy+QcI1wYtxwRK6NX1wk1AhSNV4VowW3lGUAN27TaEcKFqz2N1XcQt2avF6zxG4ldoHDFMZGp1oIJN6vuGmoGYNIuK2rWrpZV8S8pLk/PQu6zYeZH6fVhh5UZ3vIDPXOUep8IsM3RL3LPeF8Acdmds3nQggA5qUkrZ/26hN/zaQz1/XuiV8FybQAjEB7XOuSj67ZtXno+1Iz1Gc4jj/NQEPeWfdt1wwRcBY0+8rXWSG96c+2iMlNRVhfdEPIYAwYYrTqjcvcQZU53O/0fIyigJODddpa3pEqh0rPard38BC1LZHyxWVr myuser@vmrzabbix

File To SMS Logs

From the File To SMS Authorized SSH Keys page, click on the paper plane to access the logs page.

The File To SMS Logs page shows you the status of the files that are processed.

The status of a file that has been successfully processed by Varius Message Router is shown as “PROCESSED”. You can then check the SMS Outgoing Logs for the status of the sending of the SMS message.