VMR – Transmission Actions

1. Overview

  1. Access Main menu > Message Processing > Transmission Actions.
  2. Transmission Actions defines the message types and contents of outbound messages.
  3. This example shows an action that sends an SMS message.

2. Action details

  1. Select an action to edit it or click “Insert” to add a new action.
  2. From the “Delivery” tab, specify the action name and delivery method.
  3. Delivery method defines the type of outbound message which can be SMS, SMTP, SNMP trap, Syslog, POP3 and HTTP.

3. Specify message format

  1. From the “Message format” tab, you can define the message details.
  2. In this example of an outbound SMS message, you can modify the message body or recipient and whether to include the inbound email subject if the inbound message is SMTP.

4. Modify message settings

  1. Click on “Settings” besides “Modify Message Body Text” to launch the module.
  2. You can define the “Content” of the message by using the “Available Fields” and “Functions”.

  3. The functionalities include:
    РRemove text 
    – Add text
    – Replace text
    – Convert text to upper case
    – Convert text to lower case

  4. Click “OK” when done.¬†